How can mTalkz help the Fintech industry grow with Communication services?

Fintech industry grow with Communication services

Change with time is essential for everyone as change & adoption helps grow. In the same way, the finance industry is also changing to “fintech”. Everything is digitizing, as we can see banks to neo banks, from cash payments to online payments, etc.  mTalkz Mobility is a communication service provider. mTalkz is a one-stop solution […]

Floating and Flourishing Business with Marketing Automation

Floating and Flourishing Business with Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation? In Simple terms Marketing automation is the process of leveraging software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. It refers to using software or web-based services to plan, implement, manage and automate repetitive marketing tasks across multiple channels to save time, improve ROI, drive customer loyalty and optimize we all know Marketing […]

What is a SMS Short Message Service?

SMS Short Message Service

In layman’s language, Text Message or SMS messages service is a fundamental component found in smartphones, the web and even in mobile communication systems. It dates back to the 1980s when the European Standard Institute’s (ETSI) Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) group pioneered this technology. It allows the users to send and receive messages […]

Why mTalkz Is The Best Bulk SMS Software In India 2022?

Bulk SMS Software In India

Are you looking for a reliable bulk SMS gateway system that helps you boost your business with guaranteed returns?  Well, you don’t need to go anywhere else since mTalkz is just the place to be! Who We are? mTalkz provides a wide range of communication solutions for startups, retail, banking, BFSI, marketing, fin-tech, healthcare, education, and other […]

Which is better, Email Marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing?

Email Marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing

Have you been using the best marketing tools to win benefits for your business? As a business marketer, you’ve probably been introduced to both Email marketing and SMS marketing. It can be challenging to know where your marketing bucks will be best spent. When you have a business, you surely don’t want to waste money […]

Text Alerts: The Fastest Way to Reach Your Customers

Text Alerts

From startups to large enterprises, each business requires robust marketing tools. Whether you intend to boost sales, build visibility, or streamline a tiresome process, an SMS service for your business is the road to success. Many innovative companies recognise the need to connect with their customers on their devices daily to notify them of important […]

The Future of WhatsApp for Brands and Marketers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Whatsapp Future

WhatsApp is the most popular and influential messaging platform in the world. Besides WhatsApp’s extensive user base and friendly features, the app has also become intriguing to companies because it’s attracted users worldwide. WhatsApp marketing allows you to keep in touch with your audience – more than half of its users check WhatsApp every day. […]

The Power of Timing – SMS vs Email vs Social Media

SMS vs Email vs Social Media

Marketing is a blessing for businesses, meaning it can lead to advanced search engine rankings, brand awareness, greater conversion rates and more. However, savvy marketing pros know that the optimal time to post is the key to maximising engagement with their target audience. People use all social and conversational platforms in very different ways, and […]

What are SMS and MMS and How Do They Differ?


It’s no surprise that the trend towards messaging is blasting and becoming an increasingly influential tool for companies to connect with their customers instantly. Marketers anticipate that business messaging and mobile usage is a technological force that’s here to stay and not just a trend that will drift away. The terms SMS and MMS are […]

How to build an IVR System

build your own ivr system

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is the tool that various companies use for collecting data or routing calls without even answering the phone calls. It is essential for the companies that manage significant phone calls, as the IVR system allows agents to focus on more complex tasks. In addition, IVR is capable of collecting the […]