Importance of OTP in Banking Sector

OTP in banking sector

One Time Password (or SMS OTP) is two-factor authentication (2FA) that helps provide additional security safeguards to the users by randomly generating single-use passwords sent to a user’s phone. Users need to enter these additional passwords within a certain amount of time to access their online banking account. The purpose of an OTP integration is […]

Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers in 2022

SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers

The digital times have fundamentally altered audiences’ perceptions of brand communication, cost, product information, speed, and service. Therefore, it has provided marketers with a robust new way to create value, engage customers, and build customer relationships. Because user attention is divided over many diverse communication channels, if a business wants to optimise its chances of […]

WhatsApp Business Solution: A New Wave In Chat Banking

Whatsapp Business Solution

While the entire world is adapting to technology and its advancements the finance sector has not been too far behind in coping up with such advancements. Financial Technology and its growth is the greatest example of this. As more and more businesses are now moving towards mobile-centric retail and transaction, the financial sector has also […]

What does the IVR System have to do with Your Business?

IVR system have to do with Your business

Wondering what is IVR system? Want to know the benefits associated with using IVR software for your business? If yes, then you are on the right page. Keep scrolling to know the details regarding the IVR solution. What is IVR? IVR or Interactive Voice Response refers to an automated call management solution that helps initiate […]

Top 10 Use Cases Of WhatsApp Chatbot for E-commerce

10 Use Cases Of WhatsApp Chatbot for E-commerce

Notwithstanding the ups and downs endured by the global market due to the pandemic, the e-commerce business keeps growing bigger every day. There are several ways to upgrade conversation between a company and its customers. One excellent approach (with respect to both cost and results) for any business to develop its customer service game is […]

SMS Gateway for Fintech Startups – Why new startups prefer Mtalkz SMS API

SMS Gateway for Fintech Start up’s

SMS is one of the simplest and most powerful tools benefitting the FinTech industry. And it is especially useful for automation processes. SMS; Ways to benefit the Fintech companies:  1. Second-factor authentication Commonly used in retail banking, 2FA helps strengthen the security of accounts and their owners by sending SMS passwords or codes that facilitate […]

3 Best SMS Marketing Practices for 2022

SMS Marketing practices

SMS Marketing is evolving as one of the most prominent and reliable ways as a communication channel to communicate with your customers. A better tool for the lead generation than any other channel. If your customers are texting then you should do as well. SMS marketing is considered as the best way as it makes […]

5 Reasons to Choose an SMS Gateway as Your Communications Platform

5 Reasons to choose sms gateway

Communication Through Bulk SMS Gateway Managing your internal and external communications is often a challenging task. From employees to customers and potential leads, shuffling through many different conversations can be time-consuming and difficult. An SMS Gateway can prevent such issues by bringing a direct, secure and universal communications channel for your business. An SMS Gateway […]

Banking Sector – Campaigns for Your Customers, Promotion of Your New Services

banking bulk sms

mTalkz mobility services offers a wide range of communication channels which include the different strategies for customer interaction and also inform them about their new services.  SMS and Social Media Campaign mTalkz offers direct marketing channels to the banking sector includes social media and SMS marketing where any bank can introduce the new or updated […]

5 Ways WhatsApp Chatbot Can Drive E-commerce Sales

WhatsApp Chatbot

The e-commerce market has become the necessity of the moment and is expanding fast. With the increasing user demand, it has become imperative to maintain the uninterrupted flow of assistance around the clock. Therefore, catching up with the rising needs of customers is one of the most critical trends in the online business market. And […]