How Promotional SMS Helps to Increase Sales

Promotional SMS helps to increase sales

Like any other business entrepreneur, you would also probably think about how to market your business and products with low investment to generate good business and sales. SMS marketing could be your solution. Now, just think like a customer instead of a business owner. As a user, you are getting plenty of emails from the […]

Why Startups are partnering with mTalkz to scale business?

mTalkz help in boosting your startups

In this highly competitive era, it has become very essential for any Start-up to penetrate in the market and position themselves as a market giant at the initial level of their product life cycle. There might be various strategies for any startup to position its image but one of the most important aspects is customer […]

How Fintech Companies improve Customer Engagement with Text messaging

Customer Engagement with Text messaging

Businesses have come a long way from using pens, papers, and physical registers for keeping customer records. With time we have shifted to more advanced means when it comes to managing customer relationships. Digitalization today is the norm and is considered equivalent to progress. As much as customers prefer in-person service, they also enjoy the […]

How to Get a Hands-On Experience with Bulk Sms Service Provider

Experience with Bulk Sms Service Provider

Bulk SMS is an excellent approach that is adopted by businesses to communicate with their targeted consumers and prospects. People respond better to text messages, thus sending bulk SMS is a wonderful method to stay connected with your customers. Whether you’re informing clients about a system update or promoting your latest product offering, bulk SMS […]

SMS Integrations: 5 Critical Questions Every Startup Should Ask

SMS Integrations

SMS integration is the process of inserting SMS marketing into any customer-facing asset or website. In SMS integration, the process of sending messages is automated as much as possible. In other words, we can say that when a computer sends messages instead of a human being manually, the process is called SMS integration. Generally, an […]

Your Guide To Integrating Bulk SMS With your CRM Using mTalkz

Integrating Bulk SMS With your CRM Using mTalkz

When we talk about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it is important to understand what an integrated arrangement can do for you that is indispensable to the ongoing growth of your business. Developing a CRM plan within your business is about establishing a strong foundation upon which you can build. Understanding your customers and dealing head-on […]

Five Things You Need To Know Before Integrating Your CRM With WhatsApp

Integrating Your CRM With WhatsApp

Seeing the demand and ongoing usage of the WhatsApp messaging platform, businesses of all types consider integrating it with their CRMs a lucrative opportunity worth spending in. Given the mass use of WhatsApp all over the world, developing businesses plan to never miss an opportunity to connect with customers and clients through this messaging application. […]

The Modern Rules of Bulk Sms Service Provider

Modern Rules of Bulk Sms Service Provider

Effective communication is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Companies need to communicate with their customers regularly to stay connected with them and understand their demands. Staying connected with the targeted customers even helps the companies to advertise their newly launched products and services and make them familiar in the marketplace. To […]

What is an Email Marketing API and Why Should You Use One?

Email Marketing API

Email marketing is a powerful and active way to interact with people. It is also a very special way of reaching your prospective customers. Messages from your family and friends are resting next to email updates from your business. That’s why email marketing works at its best when it is tailored and personalised. Email can […]

The Advanced Guide to Marketing Automation For FinTech

Marketing Automation For FinTech

The emergence of FinTech has become a game-changer for many financial corporations across the globe. The principal aim of FinTech is to make financial services more approachable for businesses and customers. In addition, the FinTech industry is quickly progressing towards FinTech automation as an origin of efficiency.  Why does FinTech need Marketing Automation? With employees […]