The mTalkz Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate

Combine the mTalkz Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and WhatsApp Business API service to give limitless experience to your dealers and customers.



Bulk SMS Service For Real Estate Industry – FAQ


Can I integrate my CRMS?

Yes, you can integrate our API’s with any system.  Visit https://msg.mtalkz.com to create a free account and test the API’s


I am not a technical person, can I get any help?

We have both the options, we can set it up for you or help you set it up by yourself.

Can I send Promotional Offers?

Yes, you can send promotional offers both via an API and via a web panel upload.  You can use multiple automation options including vernacular options.


Can it be used to send Reminders?

mTalk Bulk SMS service for Real Estate gives you freedom to schedule reminders and notifications for agents and buyers on specific dates

How do I know if sms has been delivered or not?

We provide you a panel to check all the reports and schedule messages.Our Expert team also trains you on how to use these features.