The mTalkz Bulk SMS offerings for Insurance and related Industries

Remind the protection holders for the premiums with mTalkz Mass SMS services with Voice Mass SMS services , Missed Call services and Whatsapp Business API services to keep the protection strategies satisfy development.


BULK SMS SERVICE For Insurance Outlets – FAQ


How long does the service take to set up?

Just a few hours, mTalkz experts take you through effortless steps and get it done.

Can it be integrated to our website?

Yes, mTalkz services are easy to integrate with any website and software using API.

How can I send SMS notifications online?

Let our mTalkz agents connect with your developers, a simple API integration process and it’s done.

How many mobile numbers can I send a message simultaneously?

You can send message to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Can I send multiple messages with different content for each message ?

Yes, mTalkz provides  this facility to send multiple messages with different content  for each message.

How safe are my client contact list?

mtalkz especially maintains  the privacy of the clients and will never disclose the contact list or related information to anyone.

Is there any word limits for a message?

No, there’s no any word limit . You can send messages as per your requirement.