The mTalkz Bulk SMS Service for Govt. & Public Utility Industry

Combine the mTalkz Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and WhatsApp Business API service to give limitless experience to Public/Subscribers/Clients.



Subscriber can Book Appointment From Booking Platform. i.e. public grievance, Govt. Job fairs and Public health camps etc. for on WhatsApp. Integrate with your CRM. 

BULK SMS SERVICE For Govt. & Public Utilities – FAQ


Can I integrate my Client/Public Relationship Management System?

Yes, you can integrate our API’s with any system.  Visit https://msg.mtalkz.com to create a free account and test the API’s

Can I send Promotional Offers?

Yes, you can send promotional offers both via an API and via a web panel upload.  You can use multiple automation options including vernacular options.

Why my company trust on your bulk services?

mTalkz is the company to provide the all support for your company for the easy way of talking to the public.

Can it be trustable or not?

Yes, offcourse this Bulk Sms Service Provider is trustable.

Can public reply to my SMS messages?

Yes, each message that is sent out using Bulk SMS Service Provider  can be replied to others.

Can a third party application be SMS enabled using Bulk SMS?

Yes, third party applications can be SMS enabled using our SMS API solution or linking an external or SQL database to the Bulk SMS Text Messenger.

Can public and government is able message easily personally?

Yes, mTalkz also gives the facilities to chat personally through the services provided by this SMS provider.

How do I send WhatsApp for customers notification?

Sending WhatsApp notifications for Automobile through WhatsApp is now easy.  Choose from our subscription plan on Whatsapp Business API page and start sending the messages.