The mTalkz Bulk SMS Service for Health & Beauty

Combine the mTalkz Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and WhatsApp Business API service to give limitless experience to your Customers & Borrowers and stakeholders.




Do I get an invoice?

Yes, mTalkz gives solicitations to every one of your SMS Credit buys. Truly, These are accessible in the business area of your online Bulk SMS account stage.

Do mTalkz bulk Sms credits expire?

No, they don’t.Bulk SMS credits do NOT expire. This means that your SMS credits will be available as long as you want.

How many contacts can I send the same SMS to?

The  mTalkz BulkSMS system allows you to send an SMS message to a database of up to 30,000 contacts in one submission.when using the BulkSMS API or Web to SMS platform and up to 20,000 contacts when using the mTalkz Bulk SMS for Health and Beauty

How safe is my client contact list?

Your customer list is consistently safe.mTalkz BulkSMS won’t capture, screen, duplicate or disclose any User messages or individual data, including the User’s phonebook. 

mTalkz isn’t permitted to reveal the contacts or customer records spared to our portal for Bulk SMS for Health and Beauty.

Can SMS responses be forwarded to my email?

Yes,  mTalkz provides the facility to you to set this up by editing your Email to SMS settings on using SMS Gateway for Health and Beauty.

Are there any such restrictions that we can send sms till a limited time?

No, there’s no any limited time restrictions, instead our cloud-based software allows you to send a bulk SMS, email worldwide 24/7 via prompt sms gateways using our Voice Bulk SMS for Beauty and Health.

Does it offer short code services?

Yes ,mTalkz  being the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Health an Beauty offers shortcode services easily to you all.

Can I send an SMS longer than 160 characters?

Yes you can. The characters that you send is upto 918 characters. It is very true for the mTalkz Text Messenger, our Web to SMS platform, as well as our SMS API for Health and Beauty Industry.