Bulk SMS for Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities

To successfully run an educational institution – it takes a lot of effort than one can imagine. Myriad activities are needed to be executed in the proper sequence to achieve the institution’s goals. Bulk SMS service for school helps to automate these day to day activities and result in better management by requiring minimal to almost no human intervention. You can use Bulk SMS services to notify parents, remind students, convey about some event, or even advertise.
Ways in which Educational Institutions can use Bulk SMS Service 
Market The Brand
Educational institutions like any other business require a proper marketing strategy to stand out from their competitors. Sending Bulk SMS is a cost-friendly yet effective option to advertise your school and increase admissions.
For Instance:
Admissions are open for Class 6th To Class 12th for the academic session 2021-22.
Automated Messages
SMS Service can be a great tool to inform students about their last day of payment, admission procedure, event details, and much more!
For instance:
Dear parents, the college fee of Anshika needs to be paid for the month of Feb 2021.
Attendance reports
SMS is the best channel for conveying parents related to the attendance of the students. All parents don’t have android phones but now almost everyone has a normal phone and with the help of SMS schools can reach out to anyone without using the internet. If a student has missed any class, a message can be sent to the parents informing them about the absenteeism.
For instance:
Dear parents, Anshika was absent today without prior notice. Please send her tomorrow with a leave application and your signatures on it.
Holiday/Cancellation notification
Students can be easily informed via SMS that classes are postponed/canceled. This can save their time of going all the way to their schools and then coming back which they can utilize in doing something productive. As everyone, nowadays, keeps their mobile phones with them 24/7, it is the best channel for delivering urgent information.
For instance:
Dear parents/students, the university will remain closed tomorrow due to heavy rains.
Progress Reports
Schools and colleges can use bulk SMS services even for sharing progress reports. Various times students and parents are not able to attend parent-teacher conferences due to some emergency situation, in such cases, sharing such information via SMS is truly a great option. In addition to that, students will have their reports on their phones so no worries about losing paper reports.
For instance:
Dear parents, please click the link below to open the progress report of Vanshika for the year 2020-2021.
Fee reminders
SMS is the perfect way to remind parents about the fees. Also, schools with online payment systems can share the link to pay as well in the text.
For instance:
Dear parents, Anshika fees for this semester is pending. The last day to submit fees is 31st March. To pay fees now, click on the link!
The Bulk SMS service for schools can prove to be quite effective if used in the right manner. If you want it to be implemented at your school,  feel free to discuss this service by calling at…

The Mtalkz Bulk SMS Service for Online and Offline Education Providers

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Bulk SMS for Education Industry – FAQs

Can I integrate my Student Management System?

Yes, you can integrate our API’s with any system. Visit https://msg.mtalkz.com to create a free account and test the API’s

Can I send Promotional Offers?

Yes, you can send promotional offers both via an API and via a web panel upload. You can use multiple automation options including vernacular options.

How do I send WhatsApp for Student or Teacher notification?

Sending WhatsApp notifications for Automobile through WhatsApp is now easy. Choose from our subscription plan on Whatsapp Business API page and start sending the messages.