How to Send Email to Text

Send Email to Text

In an era of so many messaging services and apps available to us online and on our mobile devices, sometimes we forget that SMS still exists. But if the businesses want to effectively engage their audience and obtain the outcomes they need, they should not forget the benefits of a  bulk SMS system that works […]

SHORT CODE SMS Service 56161

short code sms service provider

SHORT CODE SMS 56161 India Ever gone through all the messages you receive on your mobile phone and noticed the frequency of text messages from SHORT CODE SMS , Shocked Right? Several questions might be running through your mind like What is this Short Code SMS 56161 ? Are these messages send through this number […]

SMS API For Developers – Can Small Business Ignore It?

SMS API For Developers

Moore’s Law is a major reason for the onset of the “Age of Acceleration” in the world. Age of acceleration is the present age where the rate of change of all things has gained dizzying speed and individuals and businesses are finding themselves unable to cope with the high speed of change. Companies are losing […]