The e-commerce market has become the necessity of the moment and is expanding fast. With the increasing user demand, it has become imperative to maintain the uninterrupted flow of assistance around the clock. Therefore, catching up with the rising needs of customers is one of the most critical trends in the online business market. And the single way to promote customer retention rate is by stepping up on your business’s customer experience. As a result, AI chatbots can now boost customer-centric and customer-driven practices using conversational chatbot marketing. 

Introducing WhatsApp Chatbots

Amidst all the modern messaging and social media platforms, WhatsApp is the most successful messaging app used by over 2 billion active users worldwide, broadcasting more than 65 billion messages daily. Custom-built WhatsApp e-commerce virtual assistants prove to be a unique way to break through the typical marketing clutter, drive significant customer engagement, and bring in more active conversions. A WhatsApp chatbot is basically a software program that enables customers to chat with your online business via the familiarity and ease of WhatsApp messages, and it operates on the encrypted WhatsApp application. 

Seemingly, the WhatsApp Business API chatbot has helped e-commerce brands drive customer engagement, customer acquisition and improve sales three times more and ten times in revenue. So how do they achieve this? Below are five ways in which your e-commerce business can utilise WhatsApp chatbots to drive sales: 

  1. Automated FAQs: The e-commerce market has observed a surge in the number of FAQs on online platforms as customers engage with various businesses. These FAQs consist of product-related questions and their variants, size chart, payment methods, refunds, order status, and many more. A customer is likely to drop off or switch platforms if these questions are not answered promptly. Therefore, e-commerce companies connect chatbots with WhatsApp to retain customers by responding instantly, increasing conversion rates, and reducing support-ticket volumes. It is done to ensure a superior UX through the entire customer lifecycle.
  2. Lead Generation: It is probably the most essential part of the entire sales process. WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce lets you automate such a process effectively and make clients provide you with their contact details using a compelling click-to-chat button/link. In addition, businesses have an excellent opportunity to add an attractive CTA button within the chat that can take users to their websites, blogs, product pages, etc.
  3. 24*7 Customer Support Service: Chatbots remember user interactions and queries. The chatbots are available 24*7, and they reply instantly. WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce can also be used to do a quick post-purchase check-in. It can be especially beneficial in case the product requires installation or how-to instructions.
  4. Reduce Cart Abandonments: E-commerce chatbots lower the abandonment rate by reaching out to customers directly. A well-integrated chatbot can send automated cart reminders to buyers. It allows them to make an immediate purchase within the messenger without being redirected to the website. Businesses can also program WhatsApp chatbots to add discount coupon codes to lure customers who abandon their carts often. It is a well-known technique that considerably increases conversions and reduces the abandonment rate.
  5. Personalised Recommendations: WhatsApp chatbots assist in obtaining a history of all previous chats, purchase history, user activities, and related customer data and update them all in the CRM which the e-commerce is managing. This contextual user data helps create a personalised user experience for customers by recommending the best products to their interests.

The WhatsApp chatbot always strives to delight its customers with an unparalleled experience. So if you’re looking to intensify your customer experience most dynamically, WhatsApp chatbots can be a unique asset for your e-commerce business. To reap the benefits of WhatsApp chatbots for your e-commerce business, partner with mTalkz today or visit here.