Increasingly the customers are expecting enterprises to engage more effectively and share information with them on immediately basis. Enterprises engaged in B2C business’ can now leverage strategies that combine WhatsApp Business API and Bulk SMS together to achieve an elevated level of customer engagement and customer delight.

Here are 4 key strategies that can be deployed, key is to define customer journeys in a way so that customer feels delighted and not pushed when engaging with the enterprise.

Strategy 1: Design interactive journey on WhatsApp Business API. Now organisations like mTalkz are helping customers design interactive journeys to share both textual and rich media informations with its customers.

Strategy 2: Make sure you have Bulk SMS channel as a necessary hygiene and also for the reasons of back up or churn.

Strategy 3: Discuss your business problem with a provider that can provider like mTalkz who can provide multiple solutions and help you derive the maximum bang for your money. Collocation of services is a best practice when you need your vendor to be a part of your service. MTalkz also provides SMS API, SMS Gateway, Voice SMS, IVR, Marketing Automation and can help you with design of a cross channel communication strategy that includes WhatsApp Business API.

Strategy 4: Experiment Fast and re-design faster. Once you set up services you should closely watch the flows and speak to your customers on what they liked about your cross channel communications. Re-Design the communication flows based on the feedback.

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