Trigger automated voice response with our powerful API. Voice gives a better outcome when it comes to instant confirmations.


Support for Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Real-time reporting and analytics
More than 4500 PRI's and SIP channels
Multiple operators- Airtel, Tata, Idea, Vodafone, and Aircel
Multiple integration APIs (HTTP, XML, JSON, FTP, SMTP)
Send Multilingual content


Bill payment reminders

Be it a payment for credit card payment or a EMI, send a payment reminder on voice to your customers to give them a quick reminder about the pending payment with exact amount that they need to pay with our text to speech function.


Customer surveys

Take feedback from your customers on voice call through our platform to give them a sense of care and have chance to customize your services according to your customer taste and thus make your customers happy. Give them options to press to collect their response and get real time reports on our panel which are ready to analyzed.

Health/ Medicine reminders

Send your clients health reminders or medicine reminders time to time to give them the care they deserve being your customers. Scheduled the voice clips to be played in advance for a period of time with our voice platform.

IVR hosting

Our platforms now provide hosted solutions for your inbound and outbound calling. CLI integration for both inbound and outbound calls.

Wake up calls

If you are a gym trainer or yoga teacher give your clients a wakeup call in the morning to get them in gear so that they miss a single class. Record the clip in your voice to give them personalized effect or play sassy music clip to give them extra dose of energy that is much needed in the morning.

Do not wait, just get started!

Create a high decibel engagement with your customers and enjoy the high volume push capability of our SMS, Email and Voice Mail platforms.