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How it works

We give you Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice, Bulk Email and Bulk Whatsapp Technology.  You take care of branding, customer support, and billing.

Reseller Programs

Whitelable Reseller
  • Get Started in a matter of minutes
  • Get a fully functional front end with your logo
  • Start small and scale your business
  • Get refunded any time for unused credits
SMPP Reseller
  • Enjoy multiple routes and fast deliveries
  • 24×7 Support from our technical teams
  • Our SMS Gateway provides full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability
  • Manage your front end with our worldclass SMPP connects
Co-branded Reseller
  • Get all the benefits of Whitelabel or SMPP
  • Co-brand your business with mTalkz brand name
  • We will take care of billings for you and you will get your commissions
  • If you need we will also create your web presence and online sales channel
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Reach your customers at the right time, anytime with our transactional SMS Platform.
We have an API for every technology / platform including AWS, AZURE, Google, and Bluemix.