Get the responses from your userbase in the form of SMS and missed calls for lead generations, campaigns, engagement and send automated responses.

Real-time reporting dashboard
Real-time reporting analytics
Send automated response message
Report forwarding to your crm


Lead Generation

Generate leads by flashing your keywords on the advertisement channels. Be it a radio promotion or a outdoor hoarding our VMN and shorts codes are the best way to capture responses of your prospects so as to get back to them first in the Industry. The five-digit number, very easy to remember and recognize will give a perfect image to your brand as well as will gather huge amount of leads for you. The reports will be available on real time basis and can be forwarded further to your CRM or digital destination. A quick response back message will also be triggered immediately to give a sense of acknowledgment to your end users.

Loyalty programs

Run loyalty programs to retain your existing customers. Capture responses from them with their coupon codes and run contest and give them prizes to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Missed call Campaigns

Missed calls being free for your end users captures higher volume of responses in comparisons with SMS on short codes and VMN. People finds it easier to give a missed call on number. So start your missed call marketing campaign right away to generate leads and capture responses.

Send acknowledgement

Send response message to all the end users as acknowledgement about the receipt of their response and give them an assurance that you will get back to them soon.

Build your brand Identity

Give your brand an identity with our virtual number, provide them a place where they can send their feedback and responses anytime .

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Create a high decibel engagement with your customers and enjoy the high volume push capability of our SMS, Email and Voice Mail platforms.