Take your brand voice at just one click to millions of people with our Voice platform.

Send Multilingual content
Support for Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Real-time reporting and analytics
Multiple integration APIs (HTTP, XML, JSON, FTP, SMTP)
More than 4500 PRI's and SIP channels
Multiple operators- Airtel, Tata, Idea, Vodafone, and Aircel


Voice broadcast

Be innovative, send Voice SMS to your future students with just one click.  Explain the benefits of your college and fee structure in 30 seconds.  Drive registrations for OBD activity with DTMF input at the end of message. Get instant results and reporting.


Outbound call

School management can trigger  short voice calls time to time to inform parents about parent Teacher meetings or some sudden holiday through our Voice platforms so as to make the urgent information reach the parents timely.

Political Campaigns

If you are political party and want to reach each and every citizen of your area, do a voice broadcast. Record the message in the voice of the leader so as to give a personal feel to the end users and send out the voice message to millions of people at just one click. You can check out the real time reports too to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

Mobile marketing

Take your product to billions of people at just one click in the language most preferable by your customers by our robust platform. Make a jingle and play that on the voice clip and be there in the mind of your customers when its time for them to make the purchase.


Increase your enquiry generation by click2talk, let users of your website, receive an automated call or an agent call from your OBD desk.  User provides his number and presses the call button.  We provide the integration to either trigger an automated response or handover the session to your OBD team in real time.

Call forwarding

If you have a marketplace type of business and are looking for innovative ways to connect your visitors with service providers.  We can enable your website with voice forwarding so that you may connect potential buyers to service provider through automated call forwarding.

IVR hosting

Our platforms now provide hosted solutions for your inbound and outbound calling. CLI integration for both inbound and outbound calls.

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Create a high decibel engagement with your customers and enjoy the high volume push capability of our SMS, Email and Voice Mail platforms.