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Long gone are the days of putting pamphlets on walls and sliding brochures into daily newspapers. With the advancement in technology, conventional methods of targeting audience and promoting brands have become obsolete. SMS has creeped into our daily lives and even managed to become a pivotal part of it. Long distances became short, communication became a lot easier with the introduction of SMS. No matter where you are, you can connect with your close ones with just few clicks. So what are the advantages of using SMS as a medium for promotion over old traditional methods? Let’s have a look.

  1. The most crucial aspect of promotion is to get a wider reach over your target audience. SMS provides you with a tool to achieve that feat in just few clicks sitting behind your computer or phone, in the comfort of your home.
  2. Have you came across the people outside the college gates and at public places distributing pamphlets? Those pamphlets either end up in dustbins or get transform into paper planes. But this is not a case with SMS. You can keep a track of your promotional campaigns, review the positive responses generated and target many locations in one go and of course no one can make a paper plane out of an SMS.
  3. You can do promotional campaigns on the go with the easy to use messaging platforms.
  4. Add a link to your SMS, so the interested users can directly land to your webpage hassle free.
  5. You can add a customizable sender ID for brand reputation and recognition.


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In This Era Of Technology, A Person Cannot Underestimate The Power Of E-mail Marketing

In this era of technology, a person cannot underestimate the power of e-mail marketing and consumer-facing market strategies that has seen an 83% growth in B2B and B2C markets since 2015.

According to new research released by Salesforce, in which 3500 global marketing leaders were polled, at manager level or higher position for its fourth annual State of Marketing report, e-mails experienced the largest surge in consumer-facing marketing programs, with email use by B2C marketers rising 106%.

This surge indicates that marketers may be testing new channels in conjunction with proven ones to find combinations that work for their consumers. Marketers also report higher levels of awareness, engagement, and acquisition when combining e-mails with additional marketing channels according to Salesforce.

Billions of emails are sent every day

Some very interesting findings of the survey and research have been shared below:

  • The Salesforce report also bought shocking results as it showed the growth in the video advertising immensely, with video use growing 204%. Email was the second-highest advertising channel in growth for B2C marketers, but trailed video advertising’s growth of 141%.
  • Video advertising was closely followed by SMS/text messaging, a channel that grew 197% in the B2B market. B2B e-mail marketing, on the other hand, has only grown 56% since 2015.
  • A marked trend among high-performing marketers is that they are 12.8 times more likely to combine marketing efforts across channels such as email, mobile, and social. On average, marketing leaders today say that 34% of their budget is spent on channels they didn’t know existed five years ago and they expect that to reach 40% by 2019.
  • The reports also suggest that about half (51%) of the emails are identical messages to what they have broadcast in other channels. This is considered to be a missed opportunity for most marketers who may not be evolving fast enough between email and other channels based on customer behaviors or actions.
  • Additionally, 51% of respondents said that they get the same messages as they got on their e-mails as other marketing channels, while 29% of email messages evolve across channels and customer actions.
  • As in previous report iterations, Salesforce analyzed the differences between self-identifying high-performing and low-performing marketers.

So, from the survey and reports it was confirmed that e-mail marketing and SMS marketing are amongst one of the most preferred or reliable marketing channels for any business or company.

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Woocommerce Plugin


Method 1

Upload the su-wc-sms-notifications folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.

Method 2

Upload the full ZIP file via Plugins > Add New > Upload on your WordPress Administration Panel.

Method 3

Search WooCommerce SMS Notifications in the search box on Plugins > Add New and page press Install Now button.


  1. Activate the plug-in through Plugins menu on WordPress Administration Panel.
  2. Set up the plug-in on WooCommerce > WooCommerce SMS Notifications or through Settings
  3. For obtaining credentials, please register at (


When you open WooCommerce SMS Notifications settings for the first time, you see a screen as below:

If you have not obtained the credentials yet, purchase a WooCommerce SMS Pack from ( and you will receive the credentials in email.

Once you have credentials available, fill the following information in the input boxes as seen in the above screenshot:

  • User Account ID – as mentioned in the email
  • User PIN – as mentioned in the email
  • Sender ID – as mentioned in the email and chosen at the time of registration
  • Mobile Phone Number – your mobile number on which you want to receive new order notifications

After entering this information, press Save Settings button. Once this information is saved, you will see an expanded settings page, with the following fields added below the current fields:

You can use any of the standard variables in the SMS templates. Further, if there are other meta variables associated with the order (defined by some other plug-ins) then you can include them in the Custom variables box (one variable per line) to use them in SMS templates.

You can also define a Signature, which can be appended to a SMS by using the special variable %signature% in the template.

For each stage of a WooCommerce order, you can select whether to send an SMS notification to the customer, and the template to use for the SMS. Note that, New Order message is sent to the store owner, whereas all other messages are sent to the client.

You can change the message template by using the Edit template link and then sending the revised message for approval to [email protected], once its approved you can paste the revised message in the respective box and save to use.
If you have set-up your WooCommerce store to have any custom order status(es) – via some other plug-ins, then you can also set a message template for all such custom order statuses via Custom Status message box.

In Additional Settings section, you can choose to:

  • Send SMS to international numbers
  • Use customer’s shipping phone instead of billing phone to send SMS notifications (a custom Shipping Phone field is already added by the plug-in for this purpose)
  • Log all outgoing messages and SMS Gateway’s response to a text file for diagnosis of any issues