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India had a flourishing Bicycle industry once upon a time.  Atlas Cycle was a household name.  We have all grown up riding a Hero Cycle.  These brands exist but where has the industry gone? The whole industry has been made superfluous because of White Label Marketing by Chinese Cycle manufacturing industry. The Chinese company manufacture cycles and can sell to the whole world at prices cheaper than the cost of manufacture in host countries because of economies of scale. The Chinese Companies are also ready to let the importing countries brand the products as per their own requirements. So now both Atlas and Hero can import and sell Chinese Cycles under their own brands. This is known as White Label Marketing.
This concept is now being followed in Bulk SMS marketing also. Even the telecommunications companies follow something similar when these companies concentrate on their core competencies of sales and marketing and outsource all other activities.
Mtalkz is a company which is rapidly establishing its dominance in the new and emerging field of White Label bulk SMS marketing. So if the DNA of your company is marketing of bulk SMS services than Mtalkz can help you grow and realise your dreams. Some of the distinguishing features of Mtalkz bulk SMS services marketing are:-
1. You get to choose your own brand and logo. So it your company that will reap the benefits of branding and advertising in the long run.
2. You get to set your price for your products and services.
3. Outstanding level of customer support round the clock throughout the year. Mtalkz handles your customers as their own and goes out of their way to not only satisfy your customers but to please them. After all happy customers are paying customers.
4. Small fee.  Mtalkz charges a very reasonable sum for their services.  Their rates are competitive and their services are outstanding.
5. Short gestation period.  Mtalkz enables you to start the services of bulk SMS reseller marketing at a concise notice through their plug and play model of services.
6. Training of your staff.  Mtalkz will do the hand holding of your staff till they are not confident to work in the field of white label bulk SMS reseller services marketing.
Through white label marketing of bulk SMS reseller services mTalkz is offering an opportunity to new greenfield businesses or small businesses another avenue to generate more revenue.  mTalkz is making all the initial investments and setting up the required infrastructure.  In so doing the company is also bearing all the risks. mTalkz is doing this because they are confident about the business model as also fully satisfied with their capacity to provide the desired level of uninterrupted services.
Amazon is providing similar services in the field of cloud computing. White label marketing is the new way of doing business in the technology field.
So what are you waiting for?  Join the gang of new age technology entrepreneurs through white labelBulk SMS Reseller Marketing services and make Indian economy grow.

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