Why a Good SMS Gateway Is Essential For B2C Business Success?

A key requirement for growing your B2C business is to be able to get in touch with your customers in the fastest way possible, and what can be a better way to reach them than to send out bulk SMS?
Welcome to the new world where a mobile device is a man’s best friend. Businesses no longer struggle to reach out to their customers. Gone are the days when they would have to send a postal mail with brochures and company documents. Now, marketing a product or promoting an offer is as easy as sending out a bulk SMS to thousands of clients the click of a button. Since most of your customers carry their mobile phones with them at all times, you will definitely catch their attention in the fastest way possible by sending an SMS to them.
An SMS gateway is a special software through which you can send out single or bulk SMS to your customers. Once you get access to the web-based interface of a bulk SMS gateway or install this software in your own systems, you can send out as many SMSes to different people as you want to grow your B2C company.

How you can use an SMS gateway to grow your B2C company?

  • Acquiring customers: SMS marketing is a growing trend and is being actively used by B2C customers worldwide. Using an SMS gateway you can send out bulk SMS to your target set of customers promoting your products and services. There is a scope for personalizing these SMS is as well, so the users will be more likely to respond. Thereafter, your sales team can follow up those who respond to those SMSes and try to convert them into paying customers.
  • Staying in touch with customers: With the competition heating up in the B2C space, it is most likely that your company is facing competition from other B2C companies who provide similar products and services. Hence it is important to ensure that your existing customers do not forget your company after purchasing from it just once. You can use an SMS gateway to send out repeat offers which can motivate your past customers to buy from your company again.
  • Customer service: An SMS gateway can be an indispensable tool for your customer service team. From sending out OTP for authentication to sending important service-related SMSes, the use of an SMS gateway can be widespread for the customer service department of any B2C company. It is a very powerful tool for increasing customer satisfaction and also for boosting customer retention.

Why choose a great SMS gateway is important?

Whether you use SMS for acquiring new clients or for staying in touch with new ones, buying a bulk SMS package can be your best option. It is the fastest and often the cheapest way to market your products. However, one factor that many businesses overlook is the quality of the SMS gateway that they are choosing. Buying a bulk SMS package from in the wrong SMS gateway provider can prove to be a very costly mistake and can lead to loss of business as well as loss of reputation at times. There are many instances that we know where the SMS gateway has got jammed and the messages have not been delivered on time at all.
To preserve the reputation of your business, it is important that you choose an SMS gateway that gives you world-class reliability and flexibility. So here are some of the things that you should look for while choosing a great SMS gateway for your B2C company.

  • Interface: A good SMS gateway will provide you with the option to send SMS via web, email or SMS API. Using an SMS API is often a preferred choice for business is nowadays since it allows them to integrate the SMS gateway with their existing marketing systems. By providing these multiple options for sending SMS, the gateway will allow you to send the bulk SMS to your customers from the interface that you prefer the most. So always look for an SMS gateway which gives you multiple options, sending SMS so that you can choose the mode that suits you the best.
  • Speed of delivery: A great SMS gateway will provide you with the fastest delivery options. The speed at which SMS is delivered is very important for B2C companies, especially when they are promoting time-sensitive offers. Typically, a good SMS gateway will allow you to send thousands of messages in just a few seconds. If you are interested in acquiring customers by promoting your offers to as many people as possible, pay close attention to the speed at which the gateway is able to deliver the SMS that you send.
  • Reach: If your business can serve customers across the world, then it is important that you choose a gateway which gives you the option to send SMS to international customers as well. This will be crucial in acquiring customers from around the globe. A great SMS gateway should provide you connectivity with not only national telcos, but also multiple international telecom companies. So sending SMS to international customers through it should be as easy as sending it to the national ones. This will allow you to acquire not only customers from within your country, but from international locations as well.

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